To us, KANUMA is thecenter of the world.

2018 marks NSK’s 88th anniversary and to celebrate we built ourselves a brand new, state-of-the-art headquarters in Kanuma, Japan. It was here in Kanuma that we first started and it is here where we will continue to create the best in class, high-speed rotation technology in the world. Our new campus, with integrated research, development and production, all together under one roof, will serve to foster an environment that makes NSK the most trusted name in dental handpieces. You know “Made in Japan” symbolizes world class quality and craftsmanship and now “Made in Kanuma” will define the finest quality in dental handpieces the world over.

If you have come for the highest quality dental instruments in the world,you are in the right place – Kanuma.

We have linked every floor togetherto create the most open, free-flowing workplace imaginable. The nerve center of our new headquarters is a four-story atrium with a spiraling ramp that connects every floor and department, allowing for seamless collaboration across the entire company. This allows us to develop award winning new products and to advance the field with new products, patents and technology. Our new headquarters are more than just a workplace, we will host seminars and symposiums featuring key opinion leaders and cultural events. The innovation you have come to know and respect from NSK will expand from here to touch every corner of the world.

Made in Kanuma, the new global standard for quality.

Cutting edge research facilities allow us to make the future attainable now.

We believe the factory should be as beautiful as the products it creates. Since our founding, NSK has always taken a unique approach to craftsmanship: chiefly creating functional works of art. To us, beauty in craftsmanship is more than surface level, it is at the heart of what we do and inherent in the technology that allows us to achieve the highest levels of precision in developing the most elegant solutions.Our dedication to beauty does not stop at our products. Protecting Kanuma’s natural beauty is paramount to our culture of craftsmanship. NSK recycles 99.7% of our industrial waste and the water used in our plant is purified 100% before being returned to the environment. NSK is committed to making the world a better place through dedication and craftsmanship and in return we create brighter smiles at home and abroad.

To us, “close enough” is never close enough. NSK’s core technology is ultra-precise, high-speed rotational cutting,  and it is the technical skills of our highly trained employees that make everything we do possible. Our technicians utilize the most advanced computer-controlled machine tools available and measure precision down to the micron. Each part takes an average of 13 steps to produce, and the finished product averages over 900 steps in total. It is mandatory that our technicians spend at minimum, 10 years mastering the skills needed to produce just a single part. And it is this attention to detail at every step along the way that makes ultra-precise NSKproducts the highest standard of quality in the world. No matter what new technologies arise, people will always be at the center of what we do. That is the NSK difference.

If it is even 0.005 millimeters off, it will be scrapped.

We could save money by manufacturing overseas. But we won’t.

Our mission: Be as sharp as the tools we make. NSK’s products are used in over 135 countries across the globe. To us, being the number one company in the world means being number one in innovation. This is the reason we have fostered an environment that encourages people to take risks. If someone has a new idea, we empower them to bring it to life. If they hit a wall, they can reach out and get what they need from wherever they need to. Collaboration and cooperation between our newly refurbished R&D facilities and the cutting-edge production plant next door not only enable innovation but they encourage it.Throughout our history, NSK has dedicated itself to creating products the world has never seen using ultra high-speed rotation technology. In the future, we will continue to deliver groundbreaking innovation in dental devices that could only be “Made in Kanuma” and we will take on even bigger challenges than ever before.